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Led by recognized Specialists in Construction law, Eccleston LLP has an industry-wide reputation for delivering exceptional results in select areas of practice. A high degree of specialization in all aspects of construction law ensures that Eccleston LLP packs a punch beyond its weight.


Pursuing lien claims is central to our practice. Eccleston LLP is deeply experienced in acquiring redress for owners, general contractors, trades people, equipment suppliers and others who have improved the value of a property without having received payment for their labour or materials. We can assist in registering a lien, launching a lawsuit to perfect the lien, and prosecuting the claim. The firm also assists owners and contractors in defending against lien claims.


Once the period for registering a lien has passed, clients seeking compensation for unpaid construction materials and services may initiate a breach of trust claim. Eccleston LLP can help in assessing a claim, commencing a lawsuit, and prosecuting it. We can also help defend against such a claim.


Eccleston LLP has achieved notable successes representing construction industry clients in claims for and against insurance bonding companies. We assess the claim, ensure that proper notice is given under the bond, preserve the claim by commencing an action, and prosecute the action.


When delays caused by others result in extra costs for you, Eccleston LLP can help assess the availability of damages, commence a delay claim, and prosecute it. We also assist in the selection and instruction of expert witnesses.

Using the latest technology including litigation management software, Eccleston LLP is a leader in the evaluation and management of delay claims. With extensive trial experience in construction related delay claims and in utilizing the leading industry experts, Eccleston LLP have achieved significant success in both prosecuting and defending delay claims.


The firm defends lawyers, architects and engineers against claims for errors and omissions. Our strong record rests in part on resolving differences before they result in the filing of suits.

Eccleston LLP advises and acts for construction industry clients on all aspects of contracts: from negotiations to signing. We help negotiate new contracts, ensuring that problems are dealt with before they arise. We review existing contracts, favouring a non-litigious approach to dispute resolution.

We can assist in deciding the appropriate contract model and provide input in preparing tendering packages and requests for proposals. We can address problems with a goal to reaching a solution before the need for litigation arises.

As a result of the years of experience we have in dealing with all elements of the construction process, we can assist clients in assessing the risks they face throughout a project and best determine how to minimize exposure and liability. An educated review of contract documents at the outset of a project can reduce the loss of both time and money during construction and avoid costly litigation.

We assist our clients with resolving key issues such as contract language and the determination of the project scope. From the decision as to whether standard form contracts are best suited to a project to consulting with specification writers, we provide advice to allow our clients to achieve the edge to maximize their return on investment of both time and money.

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