Construction Law

Eccleston LLP is a cohesive group of Toronto lawyers delivering human scale services with corporate scale expertise. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the highly specialized practice of construction law.

At Eccleston LLP, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the Construction Act (formerly the Construction Lien Act). This legislation is complicated, however we are experienced with the registration of liens, litigating construction liens, and enforcing a lien or assisting clients in disputing liens registered against a project and holding up funding. We provide advice and assistance as to the most effective and efficient ways to deal with liens in order to maintain required cash flow while preserving statutory lien rights.

At Eccleston LLP we have extensive experience in assisting clients with the negotiation and drafting of various types of agreements and tendering documents including:

  • Drafting RFQs, RFPs and other procurement documents
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Infrastructure and P3 projects

We engage in dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration as well as litigation in matters involving contract claims, construction deficiencies, project delays and design errors.

It is important to identify and manage the multifaceted risks associated with construction projects, not only to secure work but also to make profit. At Eccleston LLP we seek to identify and evaluate these risks and their effective mitigation measures and to develop a risk management framework which investors/developers/contractors can adopt when contracting construction work Canada.